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Sandra Raine

July 23rd 2015

Why Use Organic Hair Products?

Conventional products contain petroleum-based polymers, silicone, synthetic chemicals and colorants that can cause scalp irritation, dandruff or even hair loss. Organic hair care products are only made with natural plant ingredients that nourish, balance and moisturize hair without harming your scalp or damaging the environment.

Organic products will assist in keeping your hair and scalp looking and feeling great. Hair is a mirror of your health. If you experience some emotional or physical problems in your life it can soon be seen in the condition of your hair, using natural and organic products aids in the recovery of your hair. There is little debate on the natural benefits of using organic and natural products, studies have proven over and over how great these benefits really are, and as a Beautician I have personally seen the remarkable change in my clients hair when switching to a natural and organic hair product.

The hair is the richest ornament of women.

Martin Luther

At Cesar Hair Studio we are passionate about natural and organic hair care products. Following are some articles we think you'll enjoy:

The benefits of using Organic Hair Products

1. Nature provides the best care without being harsh

Many of the active ingredients in shampoos and conditioners in the market that promise great hair are synthetic. These chemicals may provide you with silky hair, but extensive use of these products can and will damage your hair overtime. Natural hair care products are wonderfully safe and effective to use for your hair. Organic hair shampoos, conditioners, leave on balms and other hair care products contain plant-derived ingredients provide the best care for your hair without fear of irritations and allergies. These products are mild and hypoallergenic so they can be used by anyone, even by those with sensitive skins and scalps.

2. Organic hair care products deliver

Many studies on organic and all-natural hair products say that the active ingredients derived from plants are very effective in caring for your hair. Organic ingredients contain natural active components, vitamins and minerals that would do your hair good. Coconut oil, for example, is rich in fatty acids, vitamin E and minerals and so using a hair product with coconut oil will surely amp your hair's strength and vitality. Many organic hair products contain aloe vera, shea butter and other plant-based extracts. These ingredients have different effects and benefits and so you can choose the product to use for your specific hair concern

3. They are environment friendly!

Since these products are organic, using them wouldn't harm the environment. The ingredients of these products are highly biodegradable and so you wouldn't be polluting the surroundings by using them. Synthetic products have ingredients that care for your hair at the expense of the environment.

4. Organic products are a lot cheaper

If you compare the prices of the chemical-based cosmetics and products, organic products are a lot cheaper. Why would you pay insane amounts of money for things that would eventually deal damage to your body? Organic products provide care and nourishment to your hair for a cheaper price, and so they can give you the best value for your money.

All the reasons stated above tell you why you should use organic products. They give you the best care available for your hair and are hypoallergenic, so you wouldn't have to use more expensive synthetic and chemically-based products anymore. Because of this, organic hair care products are your best bet for achieving the hair of your dreams.

As a licensed Beautician with many years of experience working in the beauty industry, I have hand selected Organic and Natural Products that have rewarded myself and my clients with the benefits of using toxin free hair products.

This article was written for my wife, Stacy Holohan who is a Licensed Beautician and a Triathlete. You can visit her website about Organic Products at, you will find information and products that are made naturally at her website

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